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Top 5 Hidden Reasons People Buy

Here’s the Top 5 Hidden Reasons People Will Buy (or Not Buy!) Your House

Maybe this is the first time you’ve sold a house, or maybe you’ve sold a home before. Want to get the best price possible — or even spark a bidding war?

Here’s the Top 5 Hidden Reasons people will buy (or not buy!) your house.

ONE: Occupancy Status

The best type of occupancy status is a unoccupied home. It is always easy to show. No appointments are necessary and no roadblocks are in the way. Usually the worst type of occupancy status is an uncooperative tenant.

The more people who get into a home, the quicker it will sell for a higher price.

TWO: Kind of Sale

Transactions that require third party decisions – short sales, probate, relocation, auction etc – may be overlooked by potential buyers because of the red tape involved with third party approval.

The less decision makers there are in a transaction, will more showings and offers.

THREE: Condition of Property

Homes that are in excellent condition (highly upgraded, recently updated and well maintained) will produce lower days on market.

Homes that are in poor condition, do not qualify for financing will produce a lower net (cash price).

Maintain your home’s systems on a regular basis. Deferred maintenance will hurt when it is time to sell.

FOUR: Why You Are Selling

Your home doesn’t meet your needs, the neighborhood has changed, deferring maintenance, new job or transfer, empty nest, death in the family. When you needs to sell a property quickly, a buyer will factor in how fast you need to sell my your reason for selling.

FIVE: Not Priced to Sell

Pricing should be bracketed and in a range like the houses in your neighborhood.

Your agent should look at your neighborhood over a twelve month period to determine several items:

  1. Is inventory rising, falling or stable?
  2. Are prices rising, falling or stable?

Once the above is determined for your home, then set your price according to these guidelines.

  1. If inventory is rising and prices are declining, you will want to price your home at the lower end of the range.
  2. If inventory is falling and prices are rising, you will want to price your home at the higher end of the range.
  3. If inventory is stable and prices are stable, you will want to price your home in the middle of the range.

Key Takeaways

  1. An uncooperative tenant, short sale in poor condition in a declining market would be a very challenging sale.
  2. Even if priced appropriately for every challenge the property would present would not sell quickly and definitely not get top dollar.
  3. On the flip side, a clean vacant home, staged properly, easy to show, excellent condition in an appreciating market with declining inventory will sell very quickly for top dollar.

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