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Internet to Sell Your Home

How to Use the Internet to Sell Your Home

Direct Cash Home Buyers - How to use the internet to sell your home

It’s easier than ever to successfully sell your house online. As a result, the internet is packed with homes for sale, leaving you with some stiff competition.

We wanted to bring you some awesome PRO tips on how to use the internet to sell your home, to make your house stand out and increase the chances of selling your house for a great price!

There are several different websites for home sellers so now you have a ton of different ways to find buyers.

Tip #1: Figure Out Your Price Points

Determining the best listing price is one of the most important aspects when you want to sell your house fast.

If your home is priced too low, it might sell fast but you can leave money on the table. If it’s too high, you won’t receive offers and your home will get stale on the market.

Research your local market for competitive pricing for your home to determine its accurate and realistic value.

Figure out the lowest price you are willing to accept to avoid having your property “lose its sizzle” and end up sitting stagnant on the market.

Tip #2: Write A Good Description of Your Property

You want to be as accurate and as detailed about your house as you can when using the internet to sell your home. Make sure to highlight all of the selling points to draw in as many potential buyers as possible.

If you’ve recently fixed the roofing, disclose it. If you have a large, open floor plan, then you should mention that, too.

It is also important to reveal any defects or problems with your property to be sure you are staying within your duties to disclose all pertinent information about your house.

Tip #3: Build A Website for Your Home

Putting together a website to show off your home is a great way to make it stand out. It lets you point out all of the great features and let’s it be more memorable to potential buyers.

Today you can design a website easily and at almost no cost. With some great photos and plenty of content talking about your house, you will quickly be able to build a site that will show off your house the qualities of your house.

We Buy House Fast Internet Home Selling Tips

Tip #4: Hire A Professional Photographer

Using a professional photographer can be the difference between selling your house fast and having it languish on the market.

We know that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Pictures will be your best tool when selling your house on the internet.

For most prospective buyers, too many personal belongings and memorabilia makes it hard for them to see themselves living in your home.

Use this as an opportunity to declutter your entire house and to get a head start on the packing for your move. If you don’t need it, pack it up and get it out of the house and into storage.

Tip #5: Talk About Your Home in Descriptive Language

When buyers are looking for a new house and they are reading dozens of listings, the various different descriptions start sounding the same. Don’t start your listing description with “beautiful” or “cozy”!

Let your adjectives and buzzwords to paint a picture. Using works like “modern home”, “clean lines”, “crisp, white cabinetry”, “swanky kitchen” makes potential buyers think, “wow, this house sounds great. I want to see it.”

Stand out from the crowd! Use clear meaningful phrases that let your house stand out from the pack. Paint a picture that motivates possible buyers to see the house in person.

Tip #6: Consider A Premium Listing

Ever notice how when you search for a property on a major site like Zillow, there are certain properties that always show up first? They are the ones that pay to be there, just like how you’ll see the same agents pop up over the listings.

To get instant traction to your listing, it might be worth the added expense to have your listing placed at the top.

Tip #7: It’s All About The Data

Finding and using the right data will almost guarantee you a quick sale when you are using the internet to sell your home.

You’ll be able to:

  1. Run comparables of any homes sold recently in your neighborhood.
  2. Find the best agents in town. Online reviews will help you find the agent that is best for you.
  3. Study the real estate market trends in your area. Ask questions like: When is the best time of year to sell my house? What are the current buyer demographics?

Check out some of the other listings around you with some of the top sites like Trulia and Zillow

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