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Can I Sell My House Without a Realtor?

Can I sell my house without a realtor?

Whether you’re in a hurry to sell your house or you have some time, selling your home is an important and complex process.

Here are some options for selling your home: from working with a real estate agent to doing it yourself.

DIY By Going The FSBO Route (For Sale By Owner)

If you’re in a hurry to sell and don’t want the hassle of listing your home with a real estate agent, then take matters into your own hands by doing a FSBO “For Sale by Owner”.

This route might not be for everyone because it entails doing all of the work yourself-from finding an interested buyer (or multiple buyers) to handling negotiations.

FSBO’s can be a lot of work but there are quite a few benefits to them. You can save on realtor fees, get top dollar for your house, and have more control over the sales process than if you were selling through an agent.

Selling Your House Yourself is a Good Idea If:

  • You do not need cash and don’t want to pay an agent’s commission or fees.
  • Your house is priced fairly.
  • The market super hot so it won’t be difficult for you to find interested buyers (or multiple potential buyers).
  • You enjoy the process of marketing your home yourself more than relying on a real estate agent to do that work for you.

You can also make improvements like fixing up the kitchen or adding new appliances to make my old house seem newer and fresher. After doing this work yourself, it should be much easier to find a buyer who will pay even more.

You can list your house through websites like Zillow or Trulia. This is a time-consuming process, but necessary if you want to compete with homes being sold conventionally with a real estate agent.

It will take time to upload photos and descriptions of every room, and you need ad copywriting too.

Then again, if these points above sound like they apply to you, then maybe going FSBO isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Get Buyers Bidding On Your House By Selling It At Auction

You can auction your own home by following these steps:

  • Promote the auction listing online by posting it on social media, paying for Google Ads targeting relevant keywords, advertising in newspapers and magazines as well as adding a link to your listing of choice at
  • Check out other sites catering specifically to buyers like
  • Make sure you provide all documentation required so potential bidders can request disclosures about liens against the property from public records offices in your county.

See If You Qualify For A Short Sale If You’re Underwater On Your Mortgage

A short sale is a good option if you owe more on your mortgage than the home is worth. If your lender agrees to a short sale, they’ll release their lien and let you sell your house for less money.
You can ask your bank about a short sale to see if you qualify.

Request A Full Cash Offer On Your Home For A Faster Closing

Request a full cash offer on your home for a faster closing. A full cash offer will allow you to close in as little as a week, while other offers might take months. A cash purchase is also the best way for sellers to be certain they will receive their asking price.

Requesting a full-cash offer on my home ensures that I’ll have an answer quickly and can move forward with my plan of action sooner rather than later.

The Upside of Cash Offers

For some homeowners, the benefits are twofold: they get a cash offer that is can be higher than their asking price and they avoid costly fees like agent commissions or closing costs.

  • You know exactly what your property’s value is when someone makes an all-cash offer on it. This means there won’t be any contingencies like mortgage approval or inspections which may delay the process.
  • Full cash offers have the benefits of being quick, easy, and simple. This means not having to worry about the hassles of a home sale.
  • Quick and easy sale, with no hassle or worries.
  • No need to wait for a buyer’s financing approval because you are buying in cash.
  • You can move out of your house as soon as the contract is signed by the seller, absolutely no waiting around.

It’s also possible to make arrangements with the seller where he pays your mortgage during escrow if you’re buying from them directly without any agents involved.

The Downside of Cash Offers

Some important concerns when selling by FSBO:

  • There is a lot of effort and dedication in finding potential buyers. For those who work full-time, this may not be feasible. Realtors typically help sellers advertise their homes without the need for extra work from the person listing their own home.
  • Sellers might require that all the necessary inspections have been done and everything in order before you close on your house.
  • Finding the time to search for potential buyers, advertising your home in the newspaper, classifieds, or online postings such as Craigslist.
  • The stress of having every detail about it up to you. You will be responsible for finding a lawyer or a reputable title company. If anything goes wrong with the sale, like if an appraisal doesn’t go through, then it could all fall on you.
  • You need to know what you want before going ahead with this option because you must find your own buyer without help from an agent.
  • You need to be a good negotiator.
  • You need to do your research about the market value of your home before putting it on the market so you can price it’s priced to sell in a reasonable timeframe.
  • You need a basic knowledge of advertising platforms, such as newspaper classifieds or online listings websites such as Zillow or Trulio, to present your home as appealing and desirable.

Get a Flat Fee Listing from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Save time, money, and hassle with the help of a flat fee listing. A traditional agent is expensive: you’ll have to pay them for advertising costs, commissions on any offers accepted, and more.

You can’t find out your fees until after the offer has been submitted which means it’s hard to budget ahead of time without knowing how extra expenses you’ll incur.

A note of caution: Some people choose not to list their homes because they’re worried that buyers might be reluctant to buy the home if they do go through an MLS or other real estate site.

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